Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where are you, sun?

I have not seen the sun in... I think a week... It has rained every single day we have been here, usually harder when we decide we want to go outside. Yesterday, we all met up at the mall and explored Chatswood a little. The escalators in the mall were more like moving walkways, like in airports, except on a slant. I rode the bus from the stop near my house, and there were the most adorable brother and sister. The little boy was about 1 1/2, and the girl was about 7, and she just kept making him laugh hysterically. The kids here are adorable.
Random fact: They put lemon juice on their pancakes!
I went back home for dinner (walking distance: 1.2 miles! I am so going to get in shape!), which was Thai food (Julia would be so proud -- I tried (and liked) everything!). Then I got ready to go out, but by that point, it was a torrential downpour (of course) and I had no interest in strutting around Sydney in heels (no flip flops allowed in most places) in the pouring rain (after walking 15 minutes to meet the boys), so I opted to just meet them at the closest house and hang out for a while. I slept super late this morning, and awoke to more rain. I made juice with the kids (some combination of apples, carrots, nectarines, mint, watermelon... I think that's it) and played some games with them. I finally set up my calling card, so I made some calls home today, and am now off to watch the Mummy 3 with the kids.


Julia said...

What kind of Thai food did you have? ;)

Amy W. said...

mm... curry chicken; chicken on a stick; yellow rice with raisins in it... I think that's it