Friday, February 20, 2009

Class with a pop/rock musician

The past few days weren't quite as eventful as the first few. We had class Wed. - Fri. from 9:30 - 4:30. The first day I missed the bus and was late, but our teacher, Jillian, was really nice and didn't seem to care. She taught us about Australian government and politics, and then took us into Sydney to Macquarie Street see the oldest post office, the Parliament House, a huge bank (where we got to see the faults underneath -- looked just like the movies!), and others. The buildings were really beautiful and I might try to go back to get some pictures. We had lunch in the building where the supreme court meets, and saw the judges, wigs and black robes and all! The view from the top of the building was fantastic, which normally would mean the food would be really expensive, but it was very reasonable.
Thursday and Friday we had a different teacher, Mandy, who turned out to be a pop/rock musician who is pretty famous in Australia. She has preformed in the Opera House multiple times, went to acting school with Hugh Jackman, and is friends with Russell Crowe's wife! She was a great teacher, and we learned more than we could ever want to know about Australia. From talking to her, I decided I might want to try to go visit Tasmania, maybe toward the end of my trip, because the views are fantastic, and you can go skiing there. I definitely want to go to Melbourne as well. She gave us some great tips about travelling and living in Australia.
We tried (unsuccessfully) to go to the Greenwood Hotel (hotel means bar here), and I wrecked my feet by trying to wear heels... at least 2 blisters, and really sore feet :-(. Last night I watched a rugby game with my host family. The rules are a little hard to understand, but it was really intense.
I had planned on going to Bondi Beach today, but awoke to clouds and rain, again. I might go to see A Midsummer Night's Dream tonight, preformed outside, with views of the harbor (I think). Then tomorrow will be the beach, and then TropFest, the largest short film festival in the world. My internship starts on Monday! Off to get some work done for my online class...

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