Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Beginning

"This is the start of something good... don't you agree?"
- Gavin DeGraw

As I opened up the window of the airplane and saw the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen, all I could think was the above quote from "Follow Through" by Gavin DeGraw. I've arrived, safe and sound, in Sydney!
The plane ride was smooth -- fell asleep for most of it, which was good, because I am not feeling the effects of jet lag at all. On the flight in, I was able to see the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

I met up with the international adviser and we had to wait an hour for the boys to arrive. We are going to be spending more time together than I had anticipated, but it seems like we will have a good time together. We took a van to the school where we were met by our host families. It turns out that one of the other students is staying with my host mom's mother.
My mother, Michelle, brought me back to the house, which is really pretty. I unpacked, showered (felt SO good -- their shower is like a whole room!), and then went to pick the kids (Rebecca (age 11) and Alex (age 9)) up from school.
When we got to the school, there were tons of kids running around in uniforms, which included floppy hats... so adorable... Michelle already mentioned to the other parents that I babysit! Alec and Rebecca are great... running around chasing each other at the moment, but normally, great.
We'll have dinner together tonight, and then I might go hang out with the boys. Most of the host families live in the same area, which will be fun. Tomorrow we register for classes (which I won't really be doing), and then we have the weekend off. Monday we travel to the other campus, Tuesday we have off, and then Wed. - Fri. we have our intensive culture class. Then, Monday the 23rd I start my internship!
I'll update more later, maybe with some pictures!


Ashley said...

more deets NOW!!!

vic eckstein said...

im glad your doing well be safe and enjoy your months in the land down under :)