Friday, February 13, 2009

Is it really only the end of Day 2?

Wow... today seemed like 3 days in one... It's only 10:36 pm, but seems like so much later...
I suppose I'll continue with what I left off on last night. We had schnitzel for dinner (which I had only previously heard of in the song from the Sound of Music... Alec thought it was hysterical that I didn't know what it is), which ended up being breaded chicken... tasted just like at home, plus an addition of lemon, which made it extra tasty. After dinner, I watched the movie "Fracture" with my host dad, Matthew, and struggled to keep my eyes awake. I finished off the night by starting to read Kite Runner, and then slept like a rock until the kids started getting ready for school in the morning. Rebecca plays the trombone, Alex the trumpet, and band is at 7:15 am... I can't picture sitting in front of Gary at that time... we never would have made it.
It was raining hard this morning when I woke up, and so I dressed in jeans (yes mom, I have started to wear my jeans already... I only have 1 clean pair left... may have to purchase some here because of this unseasonably cold weather!) and a zip-up. Just last week they were having a heat wave with temperatures around 100 degrees F.
Michelle drove me to campus where I met up with the boys and we had a short orientation with Chris, the man who met us at the airport. We also met Lew, who reminds me of Uncle David, who is going to be taking us on the trip to the Blue Mountains Feb. 28 - March 1. The trip sounds really great, but it is going to include a 4 mile hike, which I am a little worried about. Hopefully I'll be slightly more in shape by then. The place will be staying is a bed and breakfast that Lew owns (
More to come... my battery is dying and I am too comfortable in bed to plug it in. Sorry!

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Ashley said...

Amy it seems like you like your host family.. yay! Also p.s. there isn't a Feb 29th this year! haha :) miss you! have fun!!!