Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring has... meandered in foggily?

Sprung would NOT be the word to describe how spring came in today. I'm going to use meandering... It was foggy and 66 degrees today, complete with a rainbow (which Maria and Michelle thought we were "April-Fooling" them about). It's 7:00 pm, and the sun is just setting. Nothing could make me happier than it staying light late. I can't wait for the days of laying in our backyard, sunbathing, listening to music and casually studying for finals (I'll miss Kelly trying to squeeze into my tube tops though...).
Spring is my favorite time here. This year, it's going to include going to the gym to go swimming, and lounging by the river often. I'm perfectly happy putting up with a few rainy days with that awful fishy smell, in hopes of them fading away soon to beautiful, sunny, 70 degree weather, and the smell of sunscreen and people cooking on their barbecues.

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T.M.Russell said...

At least spring has sprung for you! It never seems to be coming here...