Friday, April 11, 2008


Steven was driving with his sister on the way to school the other morning. When he came up over a hill, he saw someone stopped at a stop sign, and then saw that person pull out, cutting him off. He braked, and everything would have been fine, but then the man stopped. In the middle of the road. Steven swerved to miss him and hit this tree. Hard.

He and his sister got out of the car, and Steven was complaining his back hurt. The man said he would go for help, and Steven told him it was okay, that he had his cell phone. But the man repeated himself, and left. And never came back.
A 60-year-old man left two teenagers on the side of the road, at 7:30 am, with their car in a tree.
What an upstanding citizen.
I don't understand how someone could do that. I would never be able to sleep at night knowing that I caused an accident and then didn't own up to it. I hate that there are people in the world that would do this. No, it's not murder, but it still really stinks.
On a more positive note, this video made me smile and tear up a little today.
It's nice to be reminded that there are good people in the world.

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