Thursday, May 8, 2008

The End...

Turns out it's the end of many things this week... Some expected, some unexpected.
It's the end of classes, finals, essays, tests, sophomore year... but also the end of laughing with the girls, cooking dinners, hanging out on the balcony, trying to learn as much as possible.
It's also the end of my relationship with Steven. I wish I had some insightful things to say about it... but I'm too close to the heartache right now, and don't want to look back on this post and regret things I said. I know that I should just treasure the time we had and hope we can be friends in the future, but it's so hard... I know I shouldn't want someone who doesn't want me back, or someone that sometimes I don't even want, or someone that broke up with me three times now, but I find myself having a difficult time with the whole "not wanting him" thing...
But I'm going to San Francisco on Saturday, for an impromptu visit to my sister, and to Kelly, which I am so excited about. I get to escape, at least for a week, from the summer of living three doors down from my ex-boyfriend.

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T.M.Russell said...

I cannot believe it is already the end of our sophomore year...It seems like we were just saying the same thing about high school. Even though you're ditching me a little bit this summer, I'm so thankful that we're still such great friends. I'll be here for you if you need anything this summer (like someone not to laugh at you when you bite a fork or pop out your knee or someone to throw rocks at boys with you) ...or ever. <3

P.S. Even though your dial-up sucks, you should still try to write here.