Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I'd forgotten...

The other day in Readings in Journalism (that class seems to be a trend for blog-inspirations) we read a story called "American Man at Age 10" by Susan Orlean. She basically followed a typical 10 year old around for a while, and wrote about his life. Some of the things she wrote about, I had completely forgotten I had done/seen/heard. So I started to make a list.
Here it is (in no particular order):

I had forgotten about...
- having to put the chairs up at school at the end of the day

- computer lab games

- marble jars

- free homework passes

- Mrs. Koines' "oops" coupons
- diarammas

- sitting in "squads" in gym class

- counting at the water fountain

- paintings in the bathrooms
- the RTC room

- pulling a card

- wearing snow boots and snow pants on the bus; Ashley
P., Sarah Todd and I all crammed into one seat
- missing the bus
- the mini-courses b
us ride
- dancing for 1/2 a song with a boy

- Karilee teaching me about shaving my legs

- carpenter pants

- platform shoes

- Giga pets
- cubbies
- spelling bees

- toe socks that I could never wear because of my weird toes

- beaded bracelets

- beanie babies
- TGIF - Boy Meets World!
- Full House

- Furbies
- S-I-T on the R-U-G in Mrs. Griffin's class

- letter people in kindergarten

- playing with water babies with Lauren (and hiding them so we could get them first the next day)

- walking through the high school to get to band
- Halloween parades

- Pet Day

- my grandparents driving me to school
- Amelia Bedelia

- walking to school with Dan and Dave

- Jo-Jo teasing me about Dante
- Trix cereal
- my dad always saying "Home again, home again, jiggity jig" when we'd pull onto McMaster Street

- watching my sister's plays and bringing her flowers

- Malta's Magic

- warheads

- the swing in my old house's backyard

- the green house
- the skate boarders across the street that I always thought were going to break into my house

- having dreams about witches

- Doris and Warren next door at the old house- her giving us rhubarb

- the Cline's

- the upstairs bathroom tub and popping the little balls in the bowl (still not sure what they were, but I thought I was so badass for popping them)
- the scary laundry room
- playing Pet Shop with Lauren
- Junior Achievement

- Jocelynn filling up pools with balloons in them in the front yard for some holiday
- Alan's 40th Birthday Party- David wearing a grass skirt and bikini top
- Cathy Fragale who loved Lisa Frank

- Mrs. Tomeck dumping out Andrew Carpenter's entire desk onto the floor
- childhood books
- chicken pox
- how much braces sucked
- losing teeth
- Dr. Rulos's office- the rug, eye test, and Pedialyte under the tables
- my snowman

- Amanda Webb
- square dancing in gym, sweaty hands, hoping to be in a group with cute boys
- gymnastics
- making up dance routines
- Mrs. Riggins
- Mr. B on rollerskates
- Mad Minutes
- playing Jeopardy with my dad, keeping track of our points with coins
- lock downs
- Star Lab
- sitting boy-girl-boy-girl at the cafeteria tables when we got in trouble
- having to raise our hand to throw away food
- the Soc Hop
- Luke Bateholts popping bottle tops in the cafeteria
- Mrs. Druziak always yelling at me for eating in the hallway
- too-pink lipstick
- line leaders
- dipping my pinky in my mom's peppermint schnapps
- watching the Wizard of Oz with Jocelynn, making a yellow brick road for the living room
- Aunt Betsy
- church school excitement because of Garrett and Martin
- the playground
- running the mile
- Mrs. Weaver
- Sarah Todd and I getting in trouble on our first day
- blowing on the grass to make that whistling noise while watching the other kids play kickball
- indoor recess, found out by looking at the flag
- jumping over the light tile
- the "Sankowski kids"
- Mr. Brickner
- learning to light matches, and having the boys do it for me
- Ken Ponte
- being called chipmunk
- being teased about the gravestone with the last name Wheeler
- Mrs. Koines' couch
- Karilee always eating my dunkaroos
- sitting every other seat in the auditorium in 8th grade for movies
- the giving tree assembly
- going to Dan and Dave's after school- Ben Hurtt trying to kiss me, his dad's name was Buddah
- Camp Chingachgook- everyone singing to Jayce and I for our birthdays
- Candi Ridge
- sitting on the edge of Grandpa's recliner
- the TV show "David the Gnome"
- Armani losing it when Grandpa died, him and Gianni leaving notes to him on his coffin
- Christmas Eve that year

- putting my dad's hair in tons of little pig tails

- sitting in Mrs. V's class when the news about 9/11 came through

- Mr. Joe
- Mr. Gray- calling us Simba, Nala, Wheels

The list could continue for ever. There are so many things I don't want to forget...


T.M.Russell said...

Just in case you forgot this: I was a Sankowski kid :-) And your list is superb.

Spazymagoo022 said...

as was I, T <3

and the putting up chairs at the end of the day made me sad. i really forgot that.

misagiz said...

this list made my day. a bunch of them made me laugh out loud. i didn't know you were in mrs. koines' class! i totally forgot about her couch! it was a little sad too, but i decided to let it make me happily nostalgic instead. :-p

p.s. now that i know you have this, i am definitely going to be a stalker.