Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just a normal week...

Nothing too exciting to report from this week... I went to go see Rhiannon's apartment that I will be moving into, and it was really cute, and right near Glebe Point Road, which is filled with restaurants and shops. I also went to go watch the soccer game at the pub with her and her friends, which was a lot of fun. They were all really nice.
On Thursday, I went into The Rocks, the historical part of Sydney, and wandered around, exploring, and also saw the Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibits were really interesting, but the one had strict signs saying - do not touch, when that was all you wanted to do because the art was just so touch-able. Also part of that exhibit was an all black room that you walked into, on a platform surrounded by water. The walls were all mirrors and there were colored lights hanging from the ceiling. It was the coolest room I have ever been in.
On Friday, I went into the city, with Mrs. Macquarie's Chair (an outlook point in the gardens) and the Art Gallery of NSW as my targets. However, I lost myself in the gardens again, snapping hundreds of shots, and it ended up being too nice of a day to go in the art museum. I went out at night with John and Tyler, and we met up with Paddy, our Australian friend, who was out with his sister and all of her friends. They were so nice, and it was fun to get to hang out with some Australian girls. Tomorrow I might head to Bondi Beach to meet up with the girls that I met on my tour in Melbourne, and then will start packing!!!

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