Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speed posting

Not much time to write -- have to get ready to go to Melbourne tomorrow and get to bed early, but I figured I would post a little something to hold mom over until I get back from Melbourne on Monday ;-).
Back to last weekend. Sunday, I went to Maroubra Beach with Isabel and her Brazilian friends... who mostly ended up speaking in Portuguese the entire time, meaning Isabel and I had NO idea what they were saying. It was a very pretty beach, and looked like you were looking to the end of the world.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had my internship again, with exciting bookends of days. On Monday, I got to go to see the premier of Under the Sea 3-D: IMAX, with an introduction by the director/cinematographer who took us through the making of the movie. Dad would have loved it. The film itself was AWESOME, with the cutest seals, and crazy, delicate underwater creatures, with an undertone of environmentalist messages. The kids in the theater were eating it up, reaching out to "touch" the 3-D images. Wednesday, I got to interview an Israeli actress who is going to be in a new movie with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. The movie looks kind of stupid, but this actress, Noa Tishby, was the most down-to-earth girl, and was a pleasure to talk to. She recently married the host of Australian Idol and lives in L.A., but travels to Australia and Israeli often. She met her husband on Bondi Beach, right near my work! She did not have even a trace of an accent... sounded like she was born and raised in the U.S. For a first interview, I think it went fairly well, and I'll work on that article when I go back to work on Tuesday. When I left work Wednesday, I stopped in the gelato shop (where last week, the girl gave me a free gelato because she felt bad for me because I'm so far from home, and her boyfriend is also studying abroad), and got my favorite gelato so far - chocolate fudge. And she gave it to me for only $2. She is the nicest girl... maybe I'll ask her to hang out some time... she seems pretty lonely because her boyfriend is gone...
This week I found out that Alex is coming to visit on May 29th, which is really exciting, so I've been working on planning things for when he's here. And I also was planning my trip to Melbourne this week. I leave tomorrow afternoon and am there until Monday afternoon. I'll be staying with Maxine, one of my friends from Marist, who lives in an international house outside of the city. On Friday, I am doing all all-day Great Ocean Road Tour, including Bells Beach, Otways rainforest, rock formations at the Port Campbell National Park (including the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge), the Narana Creations Indigenous Cultural Centre, and a chance to spot koalas in the wild. I am so excited for this tour. Then, on Saturday, Maxine is coming with me to do the Phillip Island Day Tour and Penguin Parade. The tour covers everything from kangaroos to koalas, and parrots to wombats, with an opportunity to feed kangaroos and emus, get up close to koalas and hold a baby wombat. We stop at a winery (yippee...), and then make our way to Summerland Beach, wehre, as night falls, the penguins make their appearance at close range to make their way across the beach to their homes. I am definitely worried about running out of space on my memory card. These things have photo op written all over them!
I'll be sure to post lots of pictures when I get back on Monday!

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